No. 3332. Northrop Delta 1D (VH-ADR c/n 42)
Photographed at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 1940, courtesy the Richard and Barry Maclean Collection

Northrop Delta 1D

09/15/2006. Remarks by Jack McKillop: "This aircraft was sold to the Chicago Real Estate Loan and Trust Company of Chicago, Illinois, USA, on July 30, 1935, registered NC14267, and used by the company president. It was sold to Lincoln Ellsworth on April 27, 1938 and re-registered NR14267 for survey flights in the Antarctic. Modified with skis and extra fuel tanks in the fuselage, it made one flight in the Antarctic region on January 14, 1939.

In February 1939, it was sold to the Australian Department of Civil Aviation and registered VH-ADR. After being placed in storage between 1941 and 1942, it was briefly leased to the USAAF and loaned to the RAAF for communications flights. The aircraft was assigned the military s/n A61-1 in addition to retaining its civil registration. The aircraft was used by two transport units, No. 34 and No. 37 Squadrons.

This aircraft was damaged beyond repair on September 30, 1943 when it swerved off the runway and was subsequently scrapped."

03/07/2004. Remarks by Ed Coates: "Power was a 735 hp Wright SR-1820-F2 Cyclone. It was used on an Antarctic expedition by explorer Lincoln Ellsworth. At that time is was registered NR14267 and fitted with skis. The aircraft was purchased by the Australian Department of Civil Aviation at the end of the expedition. It was impressed into wartime service with the RAAF as A61-1."

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Created March 7, 2004