No. 5793. Stinson V-77 AT-19 Reliant (N60634 c/n 77-333)
Photographed at Lumberton, North Carolina, USA, 2004, by Ed Coates

Stinson V-77 AT-19 Reliant

03/31/2010. Currently registered to the American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum at Midland, Texas, this aircraft was produced in 1943 by Stinson as an AT-19 Reliant (under the designation V-77 of its parent company Vultee) for the Lend-Lease program.

Delivered to the USAAF with s/n 43-44046, it was transferred to the Royal Navy RAF under serial FB605. It was returned to the lessee USA in 1945 and designated AT-19 it served with the USN with BuNo. 11608, subsequently it came on the civil register as N60634.

Created October 15, 2006