No. 9251. CASA C-212-200 Aviocar (N437CA c/n 180)
Photographed at Louisburg Airport, North Carolina, USA, April 2009, by Ed Coates

CASA C-212-200 Aviocar

09/30/2009. Produced in 1981, the aircraft was first flown April 21, 1981 and delivered two days later to Air Service Gabon. On September 9, 2004, it came on the US Registry as N160GA, and was operated by General Aviation Services. The registration was cancelled on September 13, 2005, as the aircraft was sold to South Africa, where it was registered on December 15, 2005 to National Airways as ZS-PRL. Three years later, December 10, 2008, it again was registered in the USA, as N437CA to Fayard Enterprises.

Ed Coates states: "When I pictured the aircraft, it still carried Kilwa Air titles (some sort of Mombasa, Tanzania based outfit) that were applied while registered as ZS-PRL. I guess Paul Fayard liked the titling, so didn't remove it from the fin when the aircraft underwent its usual overhaul at Louisburg before being thrown into the skydiving fleet."

Created September 30, 2009