No. 10237. Canadair CL-90 CF-104 Starfighter (104790 c/n 683A-1090) Canadian Armed Forces
Photographed at Canadian Warplane Heritage, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, August 5, 2008, by Bill Coffman

Canadair CL-90 CF-104 Starfighter

11/30/2010. This aircraft was produced for the RCAF in 1962 and serialed 12790. It was transferred to the CAF and reserialed 104790 on July 28, 1970 and served with the Aerospace Engineering and Test Establishment and No.417 Squadron at CFB Cold Lake, Alberta. Subsequently it served with Canadian Air Group at CFB Baden-Soellingen, Germany, withdrawn from use it became an instructional airframe.

Pictured outdoors at the CWH Fly Fest, this aircraft is finished in the color scheme as worn by CF-104 104756 of CAF No.439 Squadron, when it participated in the Tiger Meet at CFB Baden-Soellingen in 1976. The real 104756 was donated to the Turkish AF in 1986, serialed 62-756 and was scrapped in 1994. View also photo 9825.

Created November 30, 2010