No. 12410. Gloster G.47 Meteor TT.Mk.20 (G-LOSM c/n S4/U/2342)
Photographed at RIAT 2011, RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire, UK, July 16-17, 2011, by Bob Cowell

Gloster G.47 Meteor TT.Mk.20

06/30/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This aircraft was built as a Meteor NF.Mk.11 night fighter and was delivered to the RAF under the serial WM167 on January 9, 1952, subsequently it was converted by Armstrong Whitworth to a Meteor TT.Mk.20 target tug, and it was struck off charge on December 22, 1971. By 1983 it was owned by Warbirds of GB Ltd. at Blackbushe, and it came on the British civil register as G-LOSM on June 8, 1984, registered to Brencham Historic Aircraft Co. Ltd. at Hurn.

Subsequently the aircraft was registered to Berowell Management Ltd. at Biggin Hill on February 11, 1986; to LGH Aviation Ltd. at Old Wokimg on February 22, 1988; to Hunter Wing Ltd. of Guildford on May 3, 1989. The last and present owner is Aviation Heritage Ltd. at Bagington, to which the aircraft was registered on May 17, 2004."

Created June 30, 2014