No. 10480. Seversky SEV-S2 (R70Y c/n 43)
Photographed in 1937, source unknown

Seversky SEV-S2

02/28/2011. Around 1930, Alexander P. de Seversky, a one-legged former Czarist Russian aristocratic member of the Imperial Russian Air Force, test pilot and consulting engineer for the US War Department, was convinced that all-metal airplanes would be the next aviation advance. His view was shared by another Russian emigre, Alexander Kartveli, whom Seversky hired as an engineer.

Seversky succeeded in interesting a few investors in his ideas, and by 1933, the firm had produced and was demonstrating its first plane, the SEV-3, an all-metal amphibian which established a world speed record of 230 mph for planes of its type. By 1935, Seversky was concentrating on winning a contract from the Air Corps, and as a result, the company developed a prototype pursuit plane, the SEV-1XP (which became the P-35).

The SEV-1XP was fitted with a new tail and re-engined with a Pratt &Whitney R-1830B and redesignated SEV-S1, it was flown by Frank Sinclair at the 1935 Nationals Air Races. Seversky then developed a racer from the P-35, the aircraft lacked all military equipment and was fitted with a lower canopy. Designated SEV-S2 and flown by Frank Fuller Jr., the aircraft was very successful in the 2,042 mls (3,286 km) Bendix Trophy Races at Cleveland.

Created February 28, 2011