No. 13071. Consolidated 28-5A Canso A Mk.2F (VH-EXG c/n CV 369)
Photographed at Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia, September 1979, by Ben Dannecker

Consolidated 28-5A Canso A Mk.2F

03/15/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "License built under the serial 11060 by Canadian Vickers at Cartierville, Quebec, this Canso was taken on charge by the RCAF on April 5, 1944 and after seven weeks of storage the aircraft was issued to a service unit on May 24. The aircraft's 'uneventful' history (as described by one source) included service with five units, two repairs, two modifications (after the first identified as an Mk.2F freighter with sliding freight doors replacing the characteristic observation blisters on the rear fuselage), five storages, and it was listed twice as 'available for disposal', the final one on August 16, 1960; eventually it was struck off charge on May 25, 1961.

Subsequently it was sold to the Frontier Air Transport Company and came on the Canadian civil registry as CF-NJD. In 1966 it was registered in the USA as N609FF to Firefly Inc. of Portland, Oregon and listed as number E40 it was used as a fire bomber throughout North America. Still on the US register it then was operated for a couple of years by Terra Survey Ltd. of Ottawa, Canada, thereafter in South Africa. From there it was flown to Essendon, Victoria, Australia in June 1972 and registered as VH-EXG to Executive Air Services it was operated in the geophysical survey role. Subsequently it was operated by Geoterrex and was finally retired at Essendon after its last flight on December 10, 1987.

In 1992 it was acquired by the RAAF Museum at Point Cook where it was restored to represent a wartime PBY-5A."

Created January 31, 2017