No. 4806. British Aircraft Mfg BA Double Eagle IV (Y-1 c/n 901)
Photographed at Hanworth, London, UK, ca. 1936

British Aircraft Mfg BA Double Eagle IV

12/15/2005. Excerpted from British Built Aircraft by Ron Smith: "This was another unsuccessful product of the British Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd, the prototype being first flown on 3 July 1936 as Y-1, later as G-ADVV. The Double Eagle IV was a six passenger twin engine aircraft with a shoulder-mounted wing and retractable undercarriage. G-ADVV was impressed into the RAF in July 1941, together with the second aircraft G-AEIN (c/n 902) as ES949 and ES950. The third and last aircraft of the type (c/n 903) carried the civil registrations ZS-AIY and ZS-AOC and was impressed by the South African AF as 1415 in 1940."

Created December 15, 2005