No. 10356. Tupolev Tu-2S "Bat" Polish Air Force
Photographed at the Museum of the Polish Army, Warsaw, Poland, November 2, 2010, by Claudio Delfini

Tupolev Tu-2S

01/31/2011. Remarks by Claudio Delfini: "The Tu-2 prototype, designated Samolyet 103 and also Tu-58, was first flown January 29, 1941, and mass production was started in 1942 under the designation Tu-2, and it served in military campaigns of the Soviet Air Force in the final phases of WW II. When production ended in 1948, a total of 11,427 aircraft had been produced in various versions.

In 1949 the Polish Air Force received eight Tu-2S aircraft in the basic version, they were first assigned to the 7th Independent Bomber Regiment. In light of intention to introduce a jet bomber no additional aircraft were imported. The Tu-2S was retired from service in the Polish AF and Polish Naval Air Arm in the mid 1950s."

Created January 31, 2011