No. 11082. Christen Eagle II (N72BJ c/n BE-001)
Photographed at Casparis Airport, Alpine, Texas, USA, October 2011, by Doug Duncan

Christen Eagle II

12/31/2011. Registered N72DM (c/n M-0118) on January 2, 1981, this experimental homebuilt biplane was originally built by Donald E. Massey of Rockwall, Tennessee and it was completed in 1987. It was sold to Bryan J. Boyle of Carrollton, Texas on August 25, 1997, and reregistered N72BJ.

On August 20, 1998, while maneuvering near Galveston, Texas, the aircraft was substantially damaged after experiencing structural failure of all four lower wing spars (forward and aft). The aircraft did not disintegrate and Boyle managed to land without further incident. The registration was cancelled on January 4, 1999 as 'destroyed'.

Boyle repaired and modified the aircraft and had it later in 1999 registered as Boyle BE360 Black Eagle, again as N72BJ. After a total of 607 flight hours (since 1987) the aircraft was again substantially damaged on May 23, 2003, when it nosed over during a forced landing in a wheat field following a loss of propeller pitch effectiveness near Celina, Texas. During the landing roll, the left main wheel hit a hole, and the airplane nosed over and came to rest inverted. Boyle sustained minor injuries.

After being repaired again, the aircraft was sold to Danny D. Duewall of Midland, Texas, on October 22, 2004.

Created December 31, 2011