No. 12816. PZL Warsawa-Okecie PZL-110 Koliber 150A (N150AD C/N 03930057)
Photographed at Casparis Airport, Alpine, Texas, USA, December 13, 2014, by Doug Duncan

PZL  Warsawa-Okecie PZL-110 Koliber 150A

06/30/2015. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "In 1977 PZL Warsawa acquired the production rights for the French SOCATA Rallye and initially developed a version with the locally produced PZL-Franklin engine. As prototype a Rallye 100ST was supplied from France and this aircraft was re-engined with an 125 hp PZL-Franklin 4A-235-B3 and first flew on April 18, 1978. In total three aircraft were supplied for use as pattern airframes. Deliveries of Koliber (Hummingbird) aircraft wholly built in Poland started the following year and the following version were developed.

PZL-110 Koliber Srs.I: The initial two-seat production model and fitted with an 116 hp PZL-Franklin 4A-235-B1 engine. The first fully Polish-built aircraft was flown on May 8, 1979.
PZL-110 Koliber Srs.II: This differed from the Koliber Srs.I in equipment standard.
PZL-110 Koliber Srs. III: Similar to the Koliber Srs.I and Srs.II, but fitted with an 125 hp PZL-Franklin 4A-235-B3 engine. It was also referred to as the PZL-110 Koliber 125.
PZL-110 Koliber 150: The Koliber was fitted with an 150 hp Lycoming O-320-E2A engine, and the prototype first flew on September 22, 1988. And the first production aircraft was first flown on October 5, 1989. also referred to as PZL-150.
PZL-110 Koliber 150A: Very similar to the Koliber 150, this model was developed in association with Cadmus Corporation, the US distributor of the Koliber. Intended for the North American market, where it was referred to as the Koliber II or PZL150A, it differed in equipment standard and had a 24V electrical system. The Koliber 150A model was first flown on June 5, 1993, while first deliveries were made in 1994.
PZL-110 Koliber 150B: This designation was used for a two-seater announced in 1994/1995 and which was essentially the Koliber 150A, but intended for marketing as a kit for amateur construction by Cadmus Corporation. However, no Koliber 150Bs (also referred to as PZL-150B) were delivered.
PZL-110 Koliber 160 and 160A: Similar to the Koliber 150 and 150A versions, but fitted with an 160 hp O-320-D2A engine. The first deliveries of these models (also referred to as PZL-160 and PZL-160A) were made in 1998.
PZL-111 Koliber 235A Senior: Development of this four-seat model started in 1990, and featured a more powerful 235 hp Lycoming O-540-B4B5 engine, a modified tail and offered increased operating weights. The prototype first flew in September 1995, and the production version, also referred to as the Koliber III, became available from 1995 onwards. However, no further aircraft were produced.
Early in the program, one Koliber had been experimentally fitted with a 200hp PZL-Franklin 6A-350C, but development of this four-seat model was stopped in favor of that of the Koliber 150.
In all some ninety aircraft were produced."

Created June 30, 2015