No. 9168. Mini-Hawk 1 (N6170 c/n MH-01)
Photographed by Doug Duncan

Mini-Hawk 1

07/31/2009. Mini-Hawk International was formed at Santa Monica, California, by designer William B. Taylor, engineer Thomas E. Maloney and pilot E. Y. Treffinger, to market plans and kits for the Mini-Hawk 1. It took the trio just over two years to design and construct the aircraft, culminating in a first flight in 1971.

The all-metal single-seat aircraft featured a welded steel-tube structure with light alloy skin, it had a fixed tricycle landing gear. The aircraft was powered by a 65 hp Revmaster Model 1831D modified Volkswagen motor car engine.

The Mini-Hawk 1 was destroyed in a fatal accident on April 12, 1973 in Chino, California. Unfamiliar with the aircraft controls the new pilot bounced on takeoff, then climbed at a steep angle, failed to maintain flying speed and crashed.
Created July 31, 2009