No. 13079. Convair 101 RY-3 (90020) US Navy
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 3499

Convair 101 RY-3

03/15/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The Consolidated Vultee (Convair) Model 101 was a transport version of the PB4Y-2 with a new fuselage accommodating four crew and 28 passengers, or up to 25,641 lb of cargo in an all-freight configuration. A hinged nose allowed up to 1 ,600 lb of cargo in the forward section.

The Navy ordered 112 in March 1944 with the designation RY-3, but only 34 were built (BuNo. 90020 to 90050, 90057 to 90059). One was retained by Convair, a few operated by the USMC, and 26 were supplied to the RAF as Liberator C.Mk.IXs (JT973, JT975 to JT998, JV936). The others (BuNo. 90051 to 90056, 90060 to 90131) including 63 intended for the RAF (JV937 to JV999) were cancelled, as was an USAAF variant designated C-87C. Before this order, one RAF LB-30 (serialed AL504), was also converted to RY-3 configuration, named Commando it became the personal aircraft of Winston Churchill.

All aircraft were built at San Diego, California and the first RAF delivery (JT978) was on February 7, 1945, and all were assigned to No. 231 and 232 Squadrons, Transport Command. However, three (including Commando) were lost in fatal accidents and there was speculation as to the structural integrity of the aircraft. All surviving aircraft except one were struck off charge on April 16, 1946, and were scrapped (twelve at Cartierville, Canada by Canadair). The remaining one (JT973 named Rockcliffe Ice Wagon) was flown on ice-research flights by the RCAF until replaced by a Canadair North Star in March 1948. It too was scrapped, along with a fuselage that had been used as a snack bar near Montréal."

Created March 15, 2017