No. 13278. Sopwith 2F.1 Camel (N6635) Royal Navy Air Service
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 303

Sopwith 2F.1 Camel

12/15/2017. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "A shipboard version of the F.l Camel single-seat fighter, the 2F.l differed essentially in having an abbreviated upper wing center section and correspondingly shorter lower wing; narrower, steel-tube cabane struts; external elevator cables, and a detachable rear fuselage to facilitate stowage aboard ship. The standard engine was the 150 hp Bentley B.R.l, but the 130 hp Clerget 9B was regarded as an alternative, and armament comprised one synchronized 0.303 in (7.7 mm) machinegun and a second weapon of similar caliber above the wing center section. Deliveries of the 2F.l to the RNAS began in the autumn of 1917 against an initial order for fifty fighters placed with the parent company. William Beardmore & Co subsequently became the major contractor for this version of the Camel, building a further 150 of which the first flew on February 20, 1918.

The 2F.l Camels were employed by the RNAS and (after the amalgamation of that service with the RFC on 1 April 1918) RAF from shore bases, towed barges, battle cruisers, large light cruisers and from the carriers Argus, Furious, Pegasus and Eagle. On October 31, 1918, 129 were on charge with the RAF, of which 112 were with units of the Grand Fleet. The 2F.l Camel remained in service as a carrier-borne fighter for some years after WW I, a number was supplied to Latvia and Estonia, and others supplied to Canada continued in use until the late 'twenties."

Created December 15, 2017