No. 10776. Caproni Ca.101 Italian Air Force
Photograph from Musée de l'Air

Caproni Ca.101

08/31/2011. The Ca 101 was a high-wing strut-braced cabin monoplane that was used as an airliner, and as a military transport and bomber. Designed in 1927 the airliner prototype first flew in 1928, initially powered by three 200 hp Armstrong Siddeley Lynx seven-cylinder air-cooled radial engines fitted with a 9 ft 5.4 in (2.88 m) two-bladed metal propeller.

It was developed into a colonial military transport and could be used for a number of military tasks, including communications, light transport, ambulance, etc. Powered by three 270 hp Alfa-Romeo D2 nine-cylinder air-cooled radial engines, it was of steel-tube construction, covered with fabric. Subsequently it was developed in a bomber that eventually equipped several night-bombing squadrons of the Italian AF. This version was powered by three 370 hp Piaggio P.VII Stella seven-cylinder air-cooled radial engines.

Created August 31, 2011