No. 10860. Parnall Pipit (N232) Air Ministry
Photograph from Rolls-Royce

Parnall Pipit

10/31/2011. A fabric-covered all-metal single-seat shipboard fighter designed by Harold Bolas to Air Ministry Specification N.21/26, the Pipit equal-span single-bay staggered biplane was powered by a 495 hp Rolls-Royce F.XI twelve-cylinder water-cooled engine and could be fitted with either wheels or floats.

The first of two prototypes (s/n N232) was flown in 1928, but crashed when a tailplane spar failed as a result of flutter. The second prototype (s/n N233), with a 520 hp F.XIIS engine and many other changes, was also lost as a result of violent flutter which fractured the sternpost whereupon the vertical tail surfaces were carried away. Further development of the Pipit was then abandoned.

Created October 31, 2011