No. 11206. Caudron C.714 C1 Cyclone Finnish Air Force
Photograph from Musée de l'Air

Caudron C.714 C1 Cyclone

03/31/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The C.714, flown for the first time on July 6, 1938, was basically similar to the definitive C.713 (which had been lost in February 1938 when the tail broke up during a terminal velocity dive). Its wing-mounted cannon were supplanted by four 0.295 in (7.5 mm) MAC machineguns mounted in flush-fitting underwing trays, this armament actually being installed in November 1938. On 5 November 1938, an order was placed for twenty C.714s and an option taken on a further 180, the first series aircraft being completed by Caudron-Renault on June 10, 1939.

This differed from the prototype in having a new wing structure with an aerofoil of reduced camber, narrower-chord landing flaps, longer-stroke shock absorbers and a Renault 12R 03 engine (differing from the 12R 01 in having a carburetor permitting negative-g maneuvers). The Armee de l'Air considered the C.714 unsuited for operational deployment, but the French government planned to donate eighty to Finland, of which only six reached their destination. Although assigned to LLv 30 (Lentolaivue, Squadron) the C.714s saw no operational service in Finland.

A number were assigned to two Polish fighter training squadrons at Lyon-Bron, France, these eventually flying the C.714 operationally. A total of 63 C.714s had been completed at the time of the Armistice, when production was terminated. Some twenty aircraft were captured by the German forces."

Created March 31, 2012