No. 11312. Aeritalia-Aermacchi AM.3C Bosbok (930 c/n 2011) South African Air Force
Photograph from D.R.

Aeritalia-Aermacchi AM.3C Bosbok

04/30/2012. Developed jointly by Aerfer (by 1972 part of Aeritalia) and Aermacchi, the AM.3 was intended for the Italian forces. First shown in model form at the 1965 Paris Salon, the AM.3 (originally M.B.335) was a three-seat monoplane designed to meet an Italian Air Force requirement. It utilized the basic wing of the Aermacchi AL.60. Duties for which it was designed included forward air control, observation, liaison, transport of passengers and cargo, casualty evacuation, tactical support of ground forces and general duties.

The first of three prototypes (assembled at Varese by Aermacchi) flew for the first time on May 12, 1967, followed by the second (assembled by Aerfer) on August 22, 1968, while the third was a static testing airframe. The two flying prototypes were originally powered by a 340 hp Continental GTSIO-520-C engine, in 1969 both were refitted with Lycoming GSO-480-BIB6 engines, the type being redesignated AM.3C.

Forty examples were sold to South Africa, where they were named Bosbok (Bushbuck), the pictured example came on the civil register as ZU-ACP on October 13, 1992. Three examples went to Rwanda, while an anticipated order of twenty examples for the Italian forces did not materialize.

Created April 30, 2012