No. 12307. Gloucestershire Aircraft Gamecock Mk.I (J7910) Royal Air Force
Photographs from Gloster

Gloucestershire Aircraft Gamecock Mk.I

02/28/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "As stated on page 2581, the Gamecock had its initial trials at Martlesham, which were highly successful. The experienced Service pilots who flew it were enthusiastic about this latest of Folland's fighters. Curiously, however, although the Gamecock had inherited the Grebe's flutter and spinning troubles, they appeared to pass unnoticed by these pilots who made no mention of them in reports.

To cure these problems, one of the modifications embodied late in 1927 was additional center section and outboard interplane V-struts. Glosters and the RAE at Farnborough had also put in hand an exhaustive program of test flying to sort out these aerodynamic problems.

Another modification was the fitting of narrow-chord ailerons, which were tested on at least three aircraft, the above pictured J7910, and in Gamecock Mk.II with s/n J8804 and in the unofficial Gamecock Mk.III with s/n J8047. These had also the additional center section, but not the outboard interplane V-struts."

Created February 28, 2014