No. 12520. Bloch 157 Luftwaffe
Photograph from Musée de l'Air

Bloch 157

08/31/2014. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The availability of the new supercharged Gnome-Rhone 14R engine resulted in a proposal to adapt the airframe of the Bloch 152 to take this power plant, the combination receiving the designation Bloch 156. However, when it was realized that such an adaptation could not take full advantage of the output offered by the engine, this project was abandoned and an entirely new fighter developed around the engine by a team led by Lucien Servanty.

This, the Bloch 157, was flown for the first time in March 1942 with a Gnome-Rhone 14R-4 fourteen-cylinder radial rated at 1,580 hp for takeoff and 1,480 hp at 26,250 ft (8,000 m). The proposed armament (which was never fitted) comprised two .787 in (20 mm) HS 404 cannon and two 0.295 in (7.5 mm) MAC 1934 M39 machineguns. Early in 1943, the sole prototype was delivered to the Luftwaffe (coded "PG+IC"), the engine being removed for bench testing and no further flight testing being undertaken.

Created August 31, 2014