No. 6494. Nieuport 17 (CF-DDK)
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, 1975, by Bill Ewing

Nieuport 17

05/31/2007. Remarks by Bill Ewing: "Built in 1961 this replica was donated in 1963 to the Canada National Aviation Museum, at Rockcliffe Airport, Ottawa. The markings are those of the Canadian Ace William Avery "Billy" Bishop’s original B1566, one of several Nieuport 17's he used scoring over 40 victories between March 25, and end July 1917 with this type of aircraft when flying with 60 Squadron of the RFC, and it was the aircraft in which he gained his Victoria Cross.

The replica is maintained in flying condition and flown on occasions. It crashed in June 1967 after an engine failure, the pilot attempted his landing in a field short of the Rockcliffe Airport but found his landing area filled with the RCMP "Musical Ride" horses. His avoidence manouvering resulted in Aircraft: 0, Horses: 1.

Being rebuilt it crashed again at the Abbotsford International Air Show in 1989 and was again rebuilt by the Museum."

Created May 31, 2007