No. 7960. Canadair CL-30 CT-133 Silver Star Mk.3 (CF-IHB c/n T-33-261) "Black Knight"
Photographed at Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, November 1973, by Bill Ewing

Canadair CL-30 T-33AN Silver Star Mk.3

05/31/2008. This aircraft was produced as a T-33AN for the RCAF, s/n 21261, in 1968 it was redesignated CT-133 with the CAF and received a new s/n, 133261.

It came on the civil registry as CF-IHB (named Black Night) in August 1972, on May 9, 1974 it was registered in the UK as G-OAHB, deregistered September 15, 1981, it became G-JETT in June 4, 1982. In November 1985 it returned to the USA, registered as N33VC, to return to Europe three years later, still registered in the USA. It received its last registration on December 18, 1996 when it became G-TBRD. The aircraft was destroyed by fire following a takeoff accident from Duxford on September 6, 2006, the two crew survived.

The "Black Knight" is pictured during reparations for the transitioning flight to the UK by the first civil owner, Ormond A. Haydon-Baillie, in 1973. View also photo 11106.

Created June 30, 2008