No. 11596. EH Industries EH 101-111 Merlin HM2 (ZH837 c/n 50074) Royal Navy
Photographed at Leeuwarden AFB, the Netherlands, September 17, 2011, by Jos Fiering

EH Industries EH 101-111 Merlin HM2

09/30/2012. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "First flown as a Merlin HM1 on September 29, 1999, this aircraft was delivered to the RN on November 9, 1999. Since it has been upgraded to a Merlin HM2, including a new mission system and digital cockpit. It belongs to 829 Naval Air Squadron at RNAS Culdrose near Helston, Cornwall. It is also assigned to the Type 23 frigate HMS St. Albans."

Created September 30, 2012