No. 9793. Waco CG-13A US Army Air Forces
Photograph from Waco

Waco CG-13A

Original photo caption:


America's Third Big Motorless Craft, Waco's first big glider was the CG-3a nine place carrier. Waco's second war glider was the CG-4A fifteen place troop and cargo carrier.

Here's a photograph of Waco's largest externally braced, high wing, land, monoplane giant. With a fuselage of thick steel tubing, the framework is covered with fabric. The wings and tail surfaces are all wood frame covered with fabric.
The CG-13 glider has a wing spread of approximately 85.5 ft (26.06 m) with an overall length of better than 54 ft (16.46 m). This giant aerial freight car has a total weight of better than 17,000 lb (7,711 kg). Approximately 10,000 lb (4,536 kg) of this total weight is useful load.

Designed for the aerial transportation of troops, rolling mechanized equipment, cargo or any combination thereof, this new ship is by far the largest motorless craft built in this country to date. It's cavern like innards can hold 42 fully equipped and armed men, machine guns, ammunition, mortars, or auxiliary arms. As a possible alternate load this new giant of the air can hold a 4.13 in (105 mm) Howitzer along with jeep like mobile units necessary to move this cannon and a full crew to man it. All mobile units drive up a ramp way into the nose of the Waco glider, which opens up like a huge mouth. A door on either side enables paratroopers to get out with ease and speed.

This ship was designed to be towed at a speed of not more than 175 mph (282 kmh). It has a landing speed of approximately 80 mph (129 kmh).

Created March 31, 2010