No. 6796. Noorduyn Norseman Mk.IV (CF-DFV c/n 42) B.C. Air Lines
Photographed at the Cambell River Spit, British Columbia, Canada, by Charles Ford

Noorduyn Norseman

09/30/2016. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "This aircraft was the fifteenth Norseman built for the RCAF, allotted the serial 2469 it was delivered on January 7, 1941 and assigned to No. 3 Training Command, Montreal, Quebec; two years later, December 17, 1942, it was stored. On March 2, 1943 it was transferred to General Reconnaissance School of Eastern Air Command, where it soon became involved in a mishap and it was sent to the manufacturer for repairs on March 16, 1943. Repaired, it was transferred to No. 2 Training Command on August 11, 1944. Two years later, February 16, 1945, it crashed and was damaged beyond economical repair.

The wreckage was sold to M & C Aviation Company at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and repaired it was registered as CF-DFV on January 4, 1947. In the summer of 1947 the Saskatchewan government bought the assets of M & C and formed Saskatchewan Government Airways, also at Prince Albert, on August 15, 1947, and the aircraft was registered to the new airline on October 7, 1947. On June 15, 1950 it was registered to Queen Charlotte Airlines, Vancouver, British Columbia, six years later was merged into Pacific Western Airlines. CF-DFV was reregistered to B.C. Air Lines at Vancouver on June 15, 1959, it was destroyed at Thompson Sound, British Columbia when a float strut failed in a fatal landing on March 19, 1964. Since the wrecked aircraft has been sold and resold, the last known owner is the J.W. Duff Aircraft Company at Denver, Colorado."

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Created August 31, 2007