No. 7226. Nord 262A-44 (CF-BCT c/n 24) B.C. Air Lines
Photographed by Charles Ford

Nord 262A-44

12/31/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "First flown on July 1, 1966, this aircraft was produced for Lake Central Airlines as a 262A-12, to which it was delivered in the same month, registered N26217. It was registered to Allegheny Commuter on July 1, 1968 following a merger of the two airlines.

Subsequently it was converted to a 262A-44 and sold to B.C. Air Lines of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada on April 22, 1969 and registered in Canada as CF-BCT. It was registered to Pacific Western Airlines on September 13, 1970, again after a merger.

In February 1972, the aircraft was registered to Ransome Airlines Inc, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, as N26210. In October 14, 1983 it was registered Pocono Airlines as N345PL. In January 1990 it was stored, the following year it was withdrawn from use and the registration was cancelled November 4, 2004, its fate is unknown."

Created December 31, 2007