No. 8521. Faust 3 (N5901V c/n 301)
Photographed at Palmer, Alaska, USA, by Gary R. Fuller

Faust 3

01/31/2009. Remarks by Walter van Tilborg: "Elmer Faust of Cody Aero Services (Cody, Wyoming, USA) built this three-seat sport/utility plane from the fuselage, wings (with rearranged struts) and parts of the landing gear of a wrecked Piper PA-12. Also landing gear parts of a Fairchild 24W and PA-18 style tail feathers were used. The aircraft was first flown powered by a 145 hp Warner Scarab radial engine on June 3, 1954.

In 1965 the aircraft was modified with a 165 hp Warner Super Scarab and also PA-14 flaps and PA-18 elevators were then installed. The Faust 3 can operate on floats or skis and is still active in 2009 in the hands of owner James 'Jim' Booth of Bozeman, Montana. The type is also known as the Faust 301 and Faust PA-12."

Created January 31, 2009