No. 10725. Blackburn T.2 Dart Mk.II (N9542) Royal Navy
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Blackburn T.2 Dart Mk.II

07/31/2011. In the course of 1920, while the Swift was being evolved, three prototypes of a companion single-seat torpedo-carrier, designated the Dart, were under construction by Blackburn under Major F.A. Bumpus's direction. Developed from the Swift and serialed N140, N141 and N142, these were completed during the year, retaining the divided undercarriage to enable the 18 in (0.457 m) 1,100 lb (499 kg) Mk. IX torpedo to be slung between the wheels.

Alternatively, the Dart could carry beneath its wings an equivalent load of bombs, the largest acceptable single missile being of 520 lb (236 kg). The 450 hp Napier Lion IIB or Lion V twelve-cylinder liquid-cooled W-engine was used to power the Dart, giving it a top speed at sea level of 110 mph (177 kmh). Specification 9/21 for a torpedo landplane was cancelled later and superseded by Specification 32/22, to which the Dart was produced for the FAA as the Mk.II.

The Dart was eminently well suited for its purpose and was of particular use in providing the FAA with a reliable torpedo-carrier with which to gain plenty of basic experience in the art of launching. The first of 108 production Darts were delivered in 1923, the type subsequently remaining in service for the ensuing ten years, allotted serials were:

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