No. 11013. Usuelli T-34 Roma US Army Air Service
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Usuelli T-34 Roma

11/30/2011. This airship semi-rigid was built by the Italian Government Airship factory as the Usuelli T-34 and was named Roma. Sold to the USAAS in 1921 for $195,000, it was then the world's largest semi-rigid and was identified in the US only by the original name of Roma. Following shipment to the US and erection at Langley Field, the Roma was extensively modified, the principal change being the replacement of the six original 500 hp Italian SVA engines with Liberties.

The Roma was destroyed by fire after the nose collapsed during high-speed flight near Langley Field in April 1922. Reaction to the loss of life of the eighteen crew in this hydrogen fire hastened the mandatory use of helium in all US military airships.

Created November 30, 2011