No. 11822. Bellanca P-200 Y1C-27 US Army Air Corps
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Bellanca P-200 Y1C-27

03/31/2013. The Bellanca C-27 was an example of an existing civil design adapted to military cargo/transport requirements. Its origin was the civil Airbus. Four twelve-seat Y1C-27s (s/n 32-399 to 32-402) with large cargo loading doors and 550 hp Pratt & Whitney R-1860-5 Hornet engines were ordered for service test. These were followed by ten C-27As (s/n 33-18 to
33-27), fitted with 650 hp R-1860-19 engines.

The second C-27A (s/n 33-19) had its engines changed to the slightly smaller but more powerful 675 hp Wright R-1820-17 Cyclone, and was redesignated C-27B. Improved performance with the Cyclone resulted in all Y1C-27s and the remaining C-27As being converted to C-27Cs with 750 hp R-1820-25 power plants.

Created March 31, 2013