No. 12113. AGO 1914 Pusher Seaplane ("9")
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AGO 1914 Pusher Seaplane

10/31/2013. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The pictured aircraft is a AGO Wasserdoppeldecker (sea-biplane) with an 150 hp Argus As.III in-line engine, and one of three Wasserdoppeldecker that AGO enrolled for the Ostseeflug Warnemünde 1914.

This seaplane contest at the Baltic Sea of Warnemünde was intended to stimulate design and construction of seaplanes build of indigenous materials. The pictured aircraft had race number '9', race number '10' was a similar machine with Argus As.III and race number '11' was different with an 114 hp Oberursel rotary engine.

The Ostseeflug was scheduled for August 1 to 10, 1914, was eventually cancelled at the outbreak of the war, a few days earlier. All seaplanes enrolled for the Ostseeflug were impressed into service by the German Navy. Race number '9' was allotted the Navy serial '70', racing number '10' received serial '71 ' and race number '11' got serial '72 '. Although the German Navy had virtually no aircraft, the numbers '71' and '72' were rejected in August 1914."

Created October 31, 2013