No. 7204. Arrow Active Mk.II (G-ABVE c/n 2)

Arrow Active Mk.II

12/31/2007. The Arrow Aircraft (Leeds) Ltd. was founded in 1930 and built only two aircraft, the Arrow Mk.I and the Arrow Mk.II. The single-seat all-metal aerobatic Arrow was designed by A.C. Thornton. The Mk.I, G-ABIX c/n 1, was first flown in 1931 and was sold to Alex Henshaw. On 30 December 1935, during aerobatics practice, the engine caught fire and Henshaw bailed out, parachuting to safety, the aircraft was lost.

The Mk.II had a new center-section and the Cirrus-Hermes IIB engine was replaced by a de Havilland Gipsy III. It was registered on March 19, 1932 and took part in the 1932 and 1933 King's Cup Air Races, hence the race number 48 at the tail. The aircraft was stored between 1935 and 1957, thereafter it was flown by the Tiger Club. Desmond (Des) Penrose, took second place in it in the 1980 Kings Cup, by 1989 he had restored the aircraft completely. The aircraft is still registered and airworthy as of this day.

Created December 31, 2007