No. 7398. Nesmith Cougar (N1016Z c/n L-1)
Photographed at Rockford, Illinois, USA, by David J. Gauthier

Nesmith Cougar

01/31/2008. Robert E Nesmith of Houston, Texas, USA, designed and built the side-by-side two-seat Cougar and flew it for the first time in March 1957. Powerplant was an 115 hp Lycoming O-235 four-cylinder horizontal-opposed air-cooled engine. Several thousand sets of plans have been sold throughout the world.

The pictured Cougar was built by Vernon C. Long of Rock Island, Illinois, and has an 85 hp Continental C85 four-cylinder horizontally-opposed air-cooled engine. It was first flown in August 1962, its registration was terminated on October 1, 2007.

Created January 31, 2008