No. 8079. Burgess-Dunne Seaplane (AH-7) US Navy
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Burgess-Dunne Seaplane

05/31/2009. Remarks by Kees Kort: "The British Lieutenant John W. Dunne designed a tailless floatplane, and the Burgess Company of Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA, acquired the manufacturing rights, and several developments were constructed.

In May 1915 Burgess received an order from the USN for three aircraft, that were allotted the serials A-54 to A-56. The two crew were seated in tandem in the streamlined fuselage, in front of the 140 hp Sturtevant six-cylinder V-engine, that drove a pusher propeller. Burgess pilot Clifford L Webster flew the aircraft at NAS Pensacola, Florida, on June 30, 1916.

The aircraft proved unstable and the USN requested major modifications, including disposition of the wing and center of gravity, despite these alterations the contract was cancelled.

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