No. 3782. Daimler L 20
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Daimler L 20

12/31/2009. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Aircraft designed by Dr.-Ing. Hanns Klemm held a special position in the flight training in Germany in the mid-twenties. Gliding played an important role, but the L 20 of 1924 was the ultimate training aircraft for pilots who progressed from gliding to powered flight. The aircraft was fitted with a 20 hp Mercedes engine and to today's terms could be designated as a powered glider.

The first prototypes were registered D-608 (on floats) and D-609, after testing some changes were made, the type was produced as the L 20B I, at least 58 were produced, before it was replaced in production by the Kl 25 in 1927."

Read the type remarks on page 9984.

Created November 11, 2004