No. 11223. British Aircraft Corporation BAC One-Eleven 412EB (HZ-JAM c/n 111)
Photographed by Bryan Gibbins

British Aircraft Corporation BAC One-Eleven 412EB

03/31/2012. Produced at Hurn, Dorset, UK, the aircraft was first flown on April 8, 1967, and registered AN-BBI was delivered to LANICA (Lineas Aéreas de Nicaragua, Nicaraguan Airlines) on April 20.

On December 12, 1971, the jetliner was hijacked en route Managua, Nicaragua-San Salvador, El Salvador by three members of the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front). It landed at San José, Costa Rica, where eventually a force of 200 police officers, led by Costa Rica's President Pepe Figueres, took charge of the situation, killing two of the hijackers and injuring one, no one else was seriously injured. The damage of the ensuing affray and gunfire was repaired at Hurn in February 1972.

Subsequently the aircraft was reregistered a considerable number of times:

N221CN, ICN Pharmaceuticals Corp., USA, October 10, 1972
N767RV, Revlon Corp., USA, January 1976
N90AM, AMM Inc., USA, April 1979
HZ-JAM, Sheikh Abdul Momenah, Saudia Arabia, October 15, 1979
N71MA, Maxfly Aviation, USA, September 22, 1988
N71MA, Worldwide Church of God, USA, October 13, 1988
N111AC, Ambassador College, USA, January 1989
N111AC, Yuman Group, USA, February 6, 1996 (Al Amrani on tail)
F-WQFM, Eagle Aviation, France, December 10, 1996 (Al Amrani on tail)
EL-LIB, Eagle Aviation, Liberia, date unknown (Al Amrani on tail)
5N-BDC Eagle Aviation, Nigeria, date unknown

On August 28, 2001, the aircraft was damaged beyond repair at Libreville, Gabon, when it overran the runway after failure of the thrust reversers. It was broken up in March 2007.
The title Al Jazirah Al Arabian visible on the fuselage was shown in arabic on the left side.

Created March 31, 2012