No. 8165. Blackburn B-101 Beverley C.Mk.1 (XH124 c/n 1030) Royal Air Force
Photographed at Hendon, UK, by Bryan Gibbins

Blackburn B-101 Beverley C.Mk.1

09/30/2008. Developed through the G.A.L.60 and the G.A.L.65, the Beverly was the first British aircraft designed for dropping heavy Army equipment. The first of 47 production aircraft, XB259, was flown on January 29, 1955, while the type entered service with No. 47 Squadron in March 1956.

Powered by four 2,850 hp Bristol Centaurus 273 eighteen-cylinder, air-cooled radials, the aircraft was operated by a crew of four and could carry 94 troops or 70 paratroops or 45,000 lb (20,412 kg). In the tail boom 36 passengers could be seated.

The pictured Beverley was first flown on May 1, 1957 and served with No. 30, No. 84 Squadron, and 242 OCU. On June 19, 1968 it was delivered to the RAF Museum at Hendon, where it was displayed outdoors for twenty-one years. It was broken up in 1989.

Created September 30, 2008