No. 8367. Fiat C.R.42 Falco (BT474 c/n 326) Royal Air Force
Photographed at the RAF Museum, Hendon, London, UK, by Bryan Gibbins

Fiat C.R.42 Falco

11/30/2008. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Produced in 1940 under the Italian serial MM5701, this Falco (Falcon) was delivered to the 95° Squadriglia Caccia Terrestre, 18° Gruppo, with the code 13 - 95. From early October the aircraft was flown from Maldegem, Belgium in support of Luftwaffe operations. On November 11, 1940, while flown by Sergente Pilota Pietro Salvadori, the engine overheated and a forced landing was made at the beach at Orfordness, Suffolk.

The aircraft was transported to RAF Martlesham Heath and after repair flown to RAE Farnborough on November 27. With RAF markings and s/n BT474 the aircraft was tested, initially at Farnborough, from April 28, 1941 at Duxford. In October 1942 the aircraft was labeled for preservation in a British museum and subsequently stored. In the early sixties the aircraft was restored in its original markings for display."

Created November 30, 2008