No. 8691. Wag-Aero Sportsman 2+2 (C-FOAG c/n F.4)
Photographed at Kenora, Ontario, Canada, 2002-2003, by Phil Gies

Wag-Aero Sportsman 2+2

06/30/2009. This is a modern replica of the Piper PA-14. The prototype, known as Wag-Aero Chubby Cuby, was registered to Robert H. Wagner as N65WA and it received the CofA on July 16, 1982. The type was renamed Sportsman 2+2 in 1983.

C-FOAG was built in 1990 by Garry Fancy of Kanata, Ontario, Canada, and he had it registered as a Wag-Aero Husky Cuby. It is pictured here while being owned by Jerry and Susan Wiebe of Kenora (September 27, 2002 - February 2, 2004).

Created February 28, 2009