No. 3604. Brewster B-339B Buffalo Mk.I (AS417 c/n 71) Royal Navy
Possibly photographed at Air Fighting Development Unit, Duxford, England, UK, 1941-42

Brewster B-339E Buffalo Mk.I

08/18/2004. Remarks by Håkan Gustavsson: "This was one of fourty B-339Bs ordered by Belgium. The first, while being delivered early May, 1940, ended up in Germany. In June 1940, while on delivery to the French forces in Europe, another six were diverted to Martinique.

These six, and the remaining 33 from the Belgian order were to be taken up by Britain, the s/ns AS410-437, AX811-820 and BB450 being reserved for that purpose. However the six at Martinique were destroyed. Some of the B-339s were used by the RAF but most were assigned to the FAA of the Royal Navy, serving with 759, 805 and 855 Squadron. AS417 served with 759 Squadron and later became an 'Admirality Instructional Airframe' s/n A37."

Created July 22, 2004