No. 6420. Miles M.3A Falcon Major (G-AEEG c/n 216)
Photographed at Bagington, Coventry, UK, 1964, by Robert Golder

Miles M.3A Falcon Major

05/15/2007. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "The M.3 Falcon was designed by Miles but the prototype and the following 36 production aircraft were built by Phillips & Powis at Woodley Field, Reading, Wokingham.

G-AEEG was first flown marked with the 'Class B' registration U-20 in early March 1936. Registered G-AEEG on March 14, it was transferred to the Philips & Powis air taxi service's. It was sold to Sweden in October of the same yaer and registered there as SE-AFN. In January 1963 this Falcon Major returned to the UK and received (and still has at this date) its previous British registration G-AEEG."

Created May 15, 2007