No. 10673. Hawker P.1067 Hunter (WB202 c/n 41H/665403) Royal Air Force
Photographed at Dunsfold, Surrey, UK
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 4791

Hawker P.1067 Hunter

06/30/2011. This was the third prototype of the Hunter, it was fitted with an 8,300 lb (3,769 kg) s.t Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire engine and as such became regarded as the prototype Hunter Mark 2. The first flight took place at Dunsfold on November 30, 1952, with Squadron leader Neville Duke at the controls it was airborne for 20 minutes. It was delivered on March 9, 1953.

Externally, it could be distinguished from its predecessors by its slightly longer nose and a somewhat modified cockpit-fairing. The shape of the lower portion of the fin was similar to that of the original prototype, WB188, and had no radius as on WB195, which flew at Farnborough May 5, 1952.

WB202 was struck off charge on December 31, 1957 and subsequently used for firefighting practice and was scrapped at Bedford in 1960.

Created June 30, 2011