No. 11322. Grumman G-19 F3F-3 (1463) US Navy
Aeroplane Photo Supply (APS) Photo No. 674

Grumman G-19 F3F-3

04/30/2012. On June 3, 1936, Grumman proposed the installation of a two-stage G-series Wright Cyclone engine in the final production F3F-1 as the
G-19, approval being given on July 28, when this aircraft was assigned the designation XF3F-2. Flight testing began in January 1937, and as a result of the noteworthy improvement in all-round performance, an order was placed on March 23 for 81 production F3F-2s. Fleet deliveries commenced on December 1, 1937 and were completed on May 11, 1938, the F3F-2 having a 950 hp
R-1820-22 Cyclone engine, increased fuel capacity and the same armament as that of the F3F-1.

The need for an additional squadron of fighters led to one F3F-2 being subjected to an "improvement program" and becoming the XF3F-3. This embodied various aerodynamic improvements and flew on October 13, 1938. This event was preceded by a contract for 27 production F3F-3s, deliveries of which commenced December 16, 1938. The F3F-3 achieved a maximum speed of 264 mph (425 kmh) at 15,200 ft (4,635 m), but performance was generally similar to that of the F3F-2 in other respects. The F3F-2 and F3F-3 were removed from the active squadrons in 1941.

Created April 30, 2012