No. 11641. Travel Air B-6
Photograph taken ca. 1926, via the Kansas Historical Society

Travel Air B-6

10/31/2012. Walter H. Beech, 1891-1951, (left) pilot and secretary of the Travel Aircraft Manufacturing Company, and Brice H. Goldsborough, of the Pioneer Instrument Corp. and navigator, standing by a Travel Air. They demonstrated the practicability of "blind flight" and won the 1926 Ford Reliability Tour.

The Travel Aircraft Manufacturing Company was formed in December 1924 by Beech, Clyde Cessna (vice-president), Lloyd Stearman (chief engineer), Bill Snook (factory manager) and Walter Innes (president and treasurer). Beech became president of Travel Aircraft after Cessna and Stearman left in April and May 1927 respectively. Travel Aircraft became Beech Aircraft Corporation five years later, April 1932.

Created October 31, 2012