No. 11663. AVIA LM.5 Aviastar (I-PIER c/n 1)
Photographed at Envie. Italy, May 2007, by Collin Geyenes

AVIA LM.5 Aviastar

11/30/2012. In 1947 AVIA (Azionara Vercellese Industrie Aeronautiche) at Vercelli, Italy, built the LM.5 Aviastar, designed by Pieraldo Mortara, which explains the 'M' in the designation and the I-PIER registration of the pictured prototype. The LM.5 was a two-seat light cabin low-wing monoplane with single tail-unit and retractable tailwheel undercarriage. It was originally powered by a 60 hp C.N.A. D.IV engine, which has been replaced by a 90 hp Continental C90-12F engine. Four further examples (c/n 2 to 5) were built.

Created November 30, 2012