No. 2965. Monocoupe 90-A
Photographed at Wappingers Falls Airport, New York, USA, 1944, source unknown

Monocoupe 90-A

10/02/2003. Remarks by Gil Halpin: "This photo shows my father, James E. Halpin, with a CAP Monocoupe 90A. This Monocoupe was one of many light civil aircraft such as Fairchild 24s, Aeronca Chiefs, Stinsons, as well as many other types, used to patrol the Eastern Seaboard during WW II looking for German U-boats as well as SAR duties. My father is standing by the left wing strut, the man with sunglasses is the owner of the airfield, Ray Cole, and the man working on the engine is the owner of the Monocoupe, Roule Merrit."

Created October 2, 2003