No. 5949. Bell 205 YUH-1D Iroqouis (60-6029 c/n 702) US Army
Photograph from Bell, taken January 1965

Bell 205 YUH-1D Iroqouis

11/30/2009. This is the second of seven YHU-1D's ordered in 1960, the first flew on August 16, 1961; the type was redesignated YUH-1D in 1962.

Flown initially in standard US Army markings, in 1964 this aircraft was selected for world records attempts. David Hatcher states: "During record attempts it is common to strip aircraft of all unnecessary components and drag producers. Note the absence of windshield wipers, cargo door handle, stabilizer bar and dampners, covers of tail rotor driveshaft and 42 degree gearbox, cabin ventilation scoops, roof handhold, particle separator screen, and skid steps. Also note the 'taping' (for drag reducing) over the nose compartment door and latches, roof access steps and forward cargo door."

Not visible in this photo is the completely different and larger tail fin/rotor plylon. When the aircraft was converted for the record attempts the c/n was reapplied to the nose as was common practice during aircraft production. In 1964, flown by US Army pilots, this aircraft established twenty FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale) World Records (all for turbine-powered helicopters without payload) on three locations: Edwards AFB, California (September), Fort Worth, Texas (October) and Hurst, Texas (November-December). According the FAI, seven of these records are still standing:

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