No. 12145. Thorp T-18 Tiger (8P-BGB)
Photographed at the Barbados Concorde Experience Museum, Christ Church, Barbados, May 2013, by Gary Hebbard

Thorp T-18 Tiger

10/31/2013. Remarks by Gary Hebbard: "Designed in 1963 by John Thorpe, the T-18 became one of the most popular kit planes of the 1960s and 1970s. The first aircraft built and successfully flown in Barbados, this example was built over an eight-year period by Gordon Butcher, founder of Acme Engineering Works, Barbados. First flown in 1973, it recorded 677 flights totaling 408.51 hours before Butcher's last flight at age 77 in 1993. Aircraft was subsequently donated to the museum, where it is on display under the nose of Concorde G-BOAE."

Created October 31, 2013