No. 10146. Just Aircraft Escapade (G-CECF c/n BMAA/HB/496)
Photographed at Popham, UK, May 5, 2007, by Robert Hodgson

Just Aircraft Escapade

10/31/2010. Remarks by Johan Visschedijk: "Since 2004 located at Walhalla, South Carolina, Just Aircraft was founded in 2002 by backer Gary Schmitt and aircraft designer Troy Woodland to produce a kit bush-plane that provided a huge luggage compartment, a roomy cabin, and a simplified wing-folding mechanism that avoided the need to remove control linkages. The result was the Escapade, followed in 2004 by the Highlander, an even more rugged plane.

The Escapade fuselage is of welded steel tube construction, the wing construction is of aluminum tube, all with fabric covering. Another feature is that it can be easily converted from nose-wheel to tail-wheel configuration. It can be powered by an engine in the 80 to 120 hp range, either a Jaribu 2200 or 3300, a Rotax 912UL or 912ULS, or a VW Bushking. At least 200 kits have been sold by Just Aircraft as of this day.

G-CECF was built by Terence F. Francis of Allington, Salisbury, in 2006 and came on the British registry on June 8, 2006. On April 23, 2008, the aircraft was reregistered to Monica M. Bayle of Longlevens, Gloucester."

Created October 31, 2010