No. 10149. Huntair Pathfinder II (G-MMCB c/n 136)
Photographed at Manston, UK, August 1, 2009, by Robert Hodgson

Huntair Pathfinder II

10/31/2010. The late Steve Hunt of Edburton, UK, formerly a co-founder of Hiway Engineering, established Huntair Ltd. in 1980 to work exclusively on powered ultra-light flight. He was chairman of the British Microlight Aircraft Association, which he helped to form, for its first two years (1979-1981). Huntair began operations from its Sussex factory in 1981, initially supplying complete engine units for use in micro-light aircraft. Two complete prototype aircraft were also developed during this time, the second of which led directly to the production Pathfinder.

In the Spring of 1984 Huntair announced development of a new tandem two-seat micro-light called Wayfarer. This machine was a high-wing monoplane with cable and kingpost bracing, a glass fiber cockpit pod with side-by-side seating, and a tricycle landing gear with streamline wheel fairings. The power plant was a 52 hp Hewland Engineering water-cooled two-cylinder two-stroke engine with integral reduction gearing, driving a tractor propeller.

The initial and very successful Pathfinder (70 examples built) led to the developed Pathfinder II, which incorporated several new features and had improved handling and performance. Standard engine was a 30 hp 330 cc Fuji Robin EC34 two-cylinder two-stroke with reduction drive to a two-blade wooden pusher propeller, 40 hp engines were optional.

Created October 31, 2010